Dragon Sino is a name that denotes access to the most challenging logistical locations in the world. Unparalleled service, as well as international import and export expertise enables Dragon Sino to move anything, anywhere according to your terms. Founded in 2004, with over thirty years in the import/export business, Dragon Sino has built an extraordinary footprint in over eighty countries moving everything from copper ore to dairy products to IT equipment.

Dragon Sino’s extensive import/export licensing and expertise has enabled the company to grow to a leader in handling challenging logistical and procurement issues. It is this experience and expertise we apply to all scenarios, whether it is importing/exporting Dragon Sino procured products or pulling our clients into channels. Our ability to access upstream and downstream channels for procurement or distribution further enhances our strength in the market. Regardless the country, regardless sea, air, train or road, if you require procurement or distribution channels, or international supply chain management we have the access you desire.

Dragon Sino has a long and successful history accessing markets for itself and its clients. With offices in China, Hong Kong, USA and Brasil and a global footprint in 80 countries, we are where you need us to be. Whether local or global, we are where you need us to be.