As the owner and CEO of Dragon Sino, Ltd, I firmly believe the only relevant issue is, “the customer’s needs are satisfied’. It for this reason, the two primary mantras within Dragon Sino are “Proactive always beats Reactive” and “Never underestimate the Power of the Question.”

The international import/export industry can be fraught with glitches and hiccups if the team is not always on top of their game. The highly experienced Dragon Sino team understands it is through questioning everyone about everything and assuming nothing enables the team to anticipate and take action prior to issues arising.

The Proactive stance allows our clients and customers to relax knowing the shipment will occur as per their desire. The Dragon Sino team does not support nor accept the idea, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” We do not accept the concept that “Do not take action until action is needed.” The Dragon Sino team seeks out hurdles and flaws before hurdles and flaws appear. Anticipating and correcting issues prior to issues occurring is what differentiates us from others and has driven our success.