An Established Import and Export Company

An Established Import and Export Company

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About Us

Dragon Sino, LTD was established in Southwest China in 2004. As our business grew, we acquired and registered offices in US, Hong Kong, mainland China, and Brazil. We also built strategic relationships with partners in resource-abundant countries and left a footprint in more than 80 countries.

Together with Steve, our multilingual team makes it easier for our clients to import/export their goods through our quick delivery service. We also achieve this through the connections we have with government agencies, port authorities, and customs in different countries.

We believe that our ability to negotiate within the system is instrumental in procuring the most favorable outcome and delivering results according to the needs and wants of our clients. Our management team also takes advantage of our developed network throughout the smelting and processors industries.

Our Success

As our company was established in China, the country’s economy played an important role in our success. When we first started our business, China dramatically changed from being an import/export-driven economy to a consumer-driven one. Motivated by this development, our management focused on acquiring licensing, network, and international resources to establish the platform that will allow us to participate in feeding the country’s intensifying demand for resources and consumer products.

Although China’s economy has slowed to a respectable 6.5% GDP in the recent years, it is still a solid economic GDP. The economy is continually improving nearly six times faster than the US, even with nearly five times the population of the latter.

We are certain that we will continue to grow as a company while China’s economy advances because we are staffed, licensed, and strategically positioned to feed the consumers’ hunger. Our team also graciously offers our strengths to our clients to maximize growth.

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How We Can Help

You can count on us to access any country you want to import to or export from. That is why the IT industry and leading cloud management companies rely on us for their logistical and governmental compliance needs. We help them deliver their servers, consoles, switches, protocol data units (PDUs), and routers to data centers and international offices around the globe.

Our alliance with law firms specializing in business law also assures that we fully comply with the contractual law whenever we ship your goods. In addition, our procurement strength enables us to collaborate with key principals within the mining and processing industries.

Work With Us

At our company, we know that mistakes and misunderstandings cost you time and money. To avoid this from happening, our experts in documentary letters of credits, logistics, customs, and inspection analysis will help you ensure that your transactions are completed efficiently within the expected budget.

Our connections allow us to operate unhindered within the procurement process, thus expediting transactions faster at reduced costs. We are also able to do this through our alignments, which reach across numerous resource industries from agriculture to metals. These alignments are solidified with our broad range of licensing and network.

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