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Million Metric Tons

In 2023, over sixty million metric tons of e-waste was generated. That would fill about 122,600 Empire State Buildings.

Million Metric Tons

As of 2024, nearly three hundred and fifty million metric tons of unrecycled e-waste cover the earth.  The total is growing by an average of 2 Mmt a year.


As of today, only seventeen percent of e-waste is properly disposed of and recycled.

Tech companies need to become more environmentally friendly, but recycling tech equipment is very complex.

We understand that dealing with logistics, regulations, and unnecessary hassle can often keep companies from responsibly recycling their old equipment.

Dragon Sino helps your company GO GREEN

Worldwide pick up

Worldwide Pick Up Service:

Enjoy the convenience of our worldwide pick-up service, making the process seamless and stress-free for our clients.

Secure Data Deletion

Secure Data Deletion:

Rest easy knowing that we guarantee the secure deletion of your data, prioritizing confidentiality and data security.

Secure Data Deletion


Let us take care of all the logistics involved in the recycling process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for you.

Secure Data Deletion

Responsible e-waste disposal

With a deep understanding of recycling regulations worldwide, Dragon Sino ensures compliance and responsible e-waste disposal on a global scale.

Secure Data Deletion

We are the experts to move your IT hardware.

We have over 15 years of experience focused on moving IT hardware globally.

Dragon Sino recycles your useless equipment for free with only three steps

1. List your stuff

Tell us how many devices and what devices you would like to recycle

2. Tell us where to pick up

Give us the pick up details

3. Enjoy new free space

Get rid of that old equipment responsibly!

Tech Companies Have the Power to Create a Greener World

Reduce the negative impact of technology

Get access to government tax credits and grants

Attract environmentally conscious customers and investors


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Worlwide free recycling service

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Recycle old tech equipment FOR FREE

No tricks, no conditions. Yes, is as good as it sounds.

Moving Complex Tech Equipment?

Developing a supply chain system for the entire IT equipment life cycle is difficult and time-consuming. Stop wasting time and energy on logistical processes. Your focus is on creating tech solutions for the world.

We design, build, and operate comprehensive supply chain solutions, especially for IT equipment. Give your business the time it deserves and exceed your goals for the year!