Collaboration with Aryaka Networks on SD-WAN

All in one: Comprehensive Collaboration

All in one: Comprehensive Collaboration

All in one: Comprehensive Collaboration

Deepak Nagarajachary


“I have been working in collaboration with Dragon Sino since 2012. The journey has been one of the most successful collaborations. We started with shipping our devices to China. Without Dragon Sino in the initial days, this used to take us months. That essentially meant that if we wanted to ship a device to our prospects or customers, either we had to negotiate at least 2 to 3 months before the actual Start date. This brought us a lot of discomfort. There were instances where the customer would have moved on as the delivery took long time. It was also not guaranteed that the devices were going to be delivered. There were instances where the devices were sitting in Customs for months without any developments.

With Dragon Sino coming to our rescue, we first experimented with the China region. Dragon Sino completely offset our issues in handling the devices in the China region. The lead times started to come down and then slowly we established a permanent solution to the problems of having to work through China Customs. We extended our relationship from just handling the shipment to having a warehouse to stock our devices in China. Our customer satisfaction catapulted to a high level with the help of Dragon Sino. Now the shipments are delivered as short as the next day, which is only made possible because of Dragon Sino.

The success of China region was then replicated in Brazil region. The lead times that were in months, now are reduced to only a few days. This was repeated at South Africa and Korea as well.

Whether it is a remote African site or a site in Russia or a site in South America, Dragon Sino is there for our rescue. We are sure that Dragon Sino is able to help us in reaching and delivering our shipments to any part of the world without hassle. We can completely rely on Dragon Sino that shipments are handled at every level even without our involvement.

Now standing at 2016, I cannot imagine shipping our devices without Dragon Sino. Part of our success story is also because of Dragon Sino fulfilling those promises made to our customers by us. We would not have been successful in handling the shipping if Dragon Sino were not there for our rescue and we would not have been successful in our business and achieving high customer satisfaction."


Deepak Nagarajachary

Director, Provision
Aryaka Networks

Logistical Support for Aryaka SD-WAN

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